We would like to reassure customers that we're working hard to continue to provide services during this challenging time. Although we are making changes to the way we work, with all of our staff working from home, we are still available to take your calls and transfer you to your required department and of course respond to your emails. Our transition from office to home working has been seamless and guarantee you the same high level of service.


About Us

SIS are an award-winning specialist insurance broker based in Sale, Manchester. We focus on all areas of insurance for individuals and companies who have difficulty obtaining cover due to cancelled/void policies, previous convictions or adverse financial history. We also provide tailored business insurance solutions to Community Interest Companies - Social Enterprises - Voluntary Action Groups and Charities.

Breaking Down Walls Since 2004

Most of our customers have been refused cover by mainstream insurers for a variety of reasons. Cancelled, refused or voided, left to search the market for someone to take them on. Insurers are spending millions of pounds on data enrichment. Utility companies and big corporations sell your information to the insurers, who then set algorithms to use against you when assessing risks and loading premiums. With machine learning (AI) - this will only get worse. But we don’t think that your past is necessarily a guide to your future, and over the last 15 years we’ve been able to prove it. We have gained the trust of a selected market including composite companies like Ageas and Aviva, and awarded Coverholder status with the world’s oldest trusted and largest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, where we underwrite some of our own products.

We are regarded as ‘the expert’ inside and outside the insurance industry and we’re delighted that you have found us and hopefully we’ve been able to help you - and continue to do so.