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Adverse Financial History & Insurance

Despite a decade or more of record low interest rates the UK has notched up record debt. It is a growing concern to many self-employed people that they also have no cover when they are unable to work due to illness. They have no sick pay entitlement and may struggle keeping up with mortgage repayments and other essential bills.

Many individuals find they are excluded by mainstream insurers for motor, home, public and employers" liability because the insurance world considers adverse financial as a "moral hazard" and refuse to quote in most instances. We however take a different view – in fact the opposite from the general market because we believe that a business or a person willing to disclose their adverse financial history and understand the importance of disclosure, is less likely to make a claim or embellish a claim if forced into making one. And under our own schemes we are able to price our products at an affordable rate to get your business back up and running or in the case of our home insurance policyholders, safe in the knowledge that their disclosure is documented and therefore fully insured.

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