Car Insurance Cancelled Or Voided?

If your car insurance has been cancelled or voided and you are struggling to obtain advice or a quote for a new car insurance policy, contact Sale Insurance Services (SIS) today on 0161 969 6040 or click below for a quote.

SIS are specialists in providing car insurance to people who have previously been refused car insurance, or whose car insurance has been cancelled or voided due to late payments, convictions, non-disclosure issues, or telematics.

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What is the difference between non-renewed, cancelled and voided car insurance?

Non-renewed car insurance policies
are those that have been terminated at the expiration date.

Cancelled car insurance policies are those that have been terminated before they were due to expire.

Voided car insurance policies are those that have been declared null and void from the policy start date. Under these circumstances, cancellation provisions may not apply. 

Why was my car insurance cancelled or voided?

There are several reasons why your insurance provider may cancel or void your car insurance policy:

Payment problems

If your car insurance premiums are not paid on time your insurance provider has the right to cancel your car insurance policy.

Non-disclosure issues

If previously cancelled car insurance policies are not disclosed, or if you fail to tell your car insurance company about past convictions, previous claims, or any medical issues which may affect your ability to operate a car safely (e.g. epilepsy), your new car insurance policy may be cancelled.

If the non-disclosure was reckless or deliberate, the insurance company may not just cancel the policy, but may also declare it null and void from the start date of the policy. If the non-disclosure was deemed to be inadvertent or innocent, car insurance companies may take a more lenient view and make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Telematics/Black Box

If your telematics/black box has recorded you speeding repeatedly, or driving erratically, your insurance company may have cancelled your policy. If you feel you�ve been unfairly treated by your insurance company and are now struggling to obtain car insurance, give SIS a call, we can help.


If you or someone who uses your car is not in possession of a full valid driving license, or if the license has been suspended, your car insurance will be cancelled and possibly voided.

It has been known for people to attempt to save money on their insurance premiums by putting the policy in someone else’s name and being a named driver. This is called “fronting”. Most car insurance companies avoid this by requesting information on the number of cars in each household and who is the named driver for each. Fronting can lead to your insurance being declared void.

There has been an increase in the number of fake No Claims Bonus (NCB) Certificates being purchased online and then presented to car insurance companies in an attempt to obtain a discount on their premium. Insurance companies are aware of the existence of these false documents and attempting to use one will result in your car insurance being voided and a fine may also be issued.

Inaccurate details of the car’s overnight location and failing to disclose true usage of the car may also be classed as insurance fraud and will lead to the cancellation of your car insurance, or it being voided altogether.

I have been refused car insurance. What do I do now?

If your car insurance has been cancelled, made void and you have been refused car insurance from an insurance provider, call SIS today on 0161 969 6040.

We specialise in non-standard car insurance policies and our experienced team of brokers will be able to help you find a comprehensive car insurance cover.