Convicted Van Insurance

If you are a convicted driver, ex-offender or ex-bankrupt, you may have experienced difficulty in obtaining van insurance at an affordable price.  You may even have been refused insurance cover outright.

Sale Insurance Services (SIS) believes that points on your license, past financial difficulties or previous criminal convictions should not automatically brand you as a “high risk” driver.  We offer comprehensive van insurance for convicted drivers, ex-offenders and discharged and non-discharged bankrupts at affordable prices.

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Our commercial vehicle van insurance offerings include cover for delivery drivers and couriers as well as builders and the like. We can also offer public liability insurance facilities that will run alongside your convicted van insurance policy to give you full cover and peace of mind. In some circumstances, convicted van insurance policies can be extended to include the use of other cars.

Many HM Prison services use SIS for prisoners on ROTL (release on temporary licence). We are able to provide comprehensive insurance cover, including vehicle breakdown, to enable the prisoner to commute to their place of work, keeping the vehicle on prison grounds overnight.

For many years, SIS have been helping people with convictions, criminal records and bankruptcies find affordable insurance for their vehicles, homes and businesses.  Many ex-offenders struggle to find employment following release from prison so many opt for self-employment.  We therefore also provide comprehensive public liability cover for a wide variety of occupations, from joiners, electricians and plumbers to chimney sweeps and dog walkers.

Van insurance for convicted drivers

For ex-offenders, ex-bankrupts and convicted drivers, van insurance can be expensive, and in some cases difficult to come by. Even after convictions have been “spent”, finances resolved and fines paid, negative effects of your past can still be felt, both emotionally and financially as you are faced with inflated insurance premiums for your vehicle, home or business. Most insurance companies instantly place you into a “high risk” category and give you monthly premiums to match.

This can have serious financial implications, especially if your business or your job requires you to possess comprehensive van insurance.  You may even be tempted to take out a standard van insurance policy and refrain from disclosing your penalty points or convictions, even though this may have catastrophic results for you or your business should you ever be involved in an accident. 

It is for this reason that more and more convicted drivers and ex-offenders are turning to specialist insurance providers in order to obtain convicted van insurance policies whose premiums don’t break the bank.  By taking out specialised van insurance for convicted drivers, you are ensuring that even with full disclosure of your past convictions, you will be given a comprehensive and affordable policy, which means you will be paid out in the event of a claim.

Here at SIS we have a dedicated team of specialist insurance brokers who can tailor-make convicted van insurance policies to suit your individual needs, circumstance, and of course budget.  We believe your past should not be a guide to your future. For many people, obtaining convicted van insurance is like getting a second chance to move on with their life and contribute towards society in a positive way.  It is our aim to ensure that ALL people have access to basic insurance policies, no matter what their past.

SIS also offer car, home and business insurance for people with previous convictions, IVAs and bankruptcies. For more information, please see our full list of specialist insurance services where you can apply for a quote online.