Motor Insurance

For those with criminal convictions, bankruptcy & IVA, policies previously voided or cancelled and refused cover.


Please select the insurance you require below, or call us on 0161 969 6040.

SIS act as coverholders with underwriting authority to set rates and apply terms to meet with your demands and needs. Most online insurance services provide automatic, instant quotations using a computer program; no real people are involved at all. This is fine if you are what is called a “standard risk” but if you have a criminal record, are a convicted motorist, have filed for bankruptcy or have an IVA , it can be difficult obtaining a quotation.

At SIS we specialise in the opposite to standard risk – non-standard! This means that we can tailor-make a deal using our specially negotiated rates, whether you have any current no claims bonus or not. If you’ve been banned we will take any no claims bonus earned from a previously lapsed policy for at least 3 years, sometimes longer.

We can arrange cover no matter what your past. Once you have contacted us for a quote you’ll realise that your conviction(s) or your financial past doesn’t necessarily sentence you to paying over the odds for your motor insurance.

At SIS we have experienced trained brokers who provide a personal service. We may at times find it necessary to contact you for additional or further information, which will help us negotiate the best premium and terms on your behalf. We deal with a number of Insurance Companies (click here to see our Insurer Panel) who like ourselves want to help you get back on the road legally so you can start to rebuild your personal Insurance History.

We recognise the importance of programmes such as those offered by the TTC. We offer a further discount to those who may have completed the course and who can prove that their period of disqualification has been reduced.

SIS provide a range of specialist insurance products including Public Liability Insurance & Home Insurance .