Criminal Convictions: Insurance for Ex-Offenders


When you have criminal convictions, insurance can be difficult to obtain. If you have been refused insurance because of your past, Sale Insurance Services (SIS) can help.

We believe that everyone has the right to be insured, and that your past is not necessarily a guide to your future. We are an experienced team of specialist insurance brokers, providing competitive quotes to ex-offenders and ex-bankrupts for a wide range of insurance cover, including car, home, business insurance.

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We deal with a number of Insurance Companies (see our Insurer Panel here) who like ourselves want to help you get on with your life and start to rebuild your personal Insurance History.

Criminal Convictions & Insurance


Over 7 million people are currently on the Home Office’s Offender Index. This number is equal to a quarter of the working population of the UK. However, the majority of insurers in the UK refuse to insure people with unspent convictions, and also the people who reside with them.

When ex-offenders and their families are refused cover for insurance beacause of their past convictions, it creates a great deal of social, financial and emotional stress. If ex-offenders disclose their criminal convictions when applying for insurance, they are refused cover. If they don’t disclose their criminal convictions, they are refused payout in the event of a claim, even though monthly premiums were paid.

SIS are different. We understand the pressures facing ex-offenders and ex-bankrupts and we specialise in providing competitively-priced insurance for ex-offenders with criminal convictions and ex-bankrupts or people with IVAs or CCJs.

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Criminal Convictions, Insurance & Employment


SIS are also members of the EFFRR, The Employers' Forum for Reducing Re-Offending. This is a local and national forum of companies committed to employing individuals with a criminal record, giving them a second chance at an effective and productive working life.

Recent official studies show that for those with a criminal record, reoffending is 30% less likely when the individual is employed. The UK Government understand the importance of engaging with ex-offenders, giving them meaningful work, and rehabilitating them into normal life. One reason is the cost of reoffending to the UK treasury: estimated to be around £10 Billion per year. The EFFRR enjoys valuable government support, and sits amongst the ranks of high-profile members such as MITIE, Timpsons, Greggs, G4S, Serco and JobCentre Plus.

Rehabilitated ex-offenders are faced with a number of barriers: from simply getting an interview for a job, through to obtaining finance for a car, house or other purchase. Companies who are members of the EFFRR are ideally placed to help these ex-offenders.

SIS recently employed a rehabilitated youth offender who has quickly integrated into the team and is doing very well. He stated that many other ex-offenders would benefit a great deal from similar opportunities to start over. 

SIS also offer insurance to companies seeking to employ those with criminal convictions, be they motoring convictions or otherwise. Insurance like this is usually not offered, or will be vastly overpriced by mainstream insurance providers. SIS Insurance, finalists in the British Insurance Awards 2010, and winners in 2012, can offer Motor Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance and Personal or Employers Liability insurance to such individuals looking to improve their own situation or set up their own business.

Across the UK, insurance is becoming ever more expensive, and a criminal conviction can be the “kiss of death” for anyone looking to get insurance.  SIS understand this and we can help you. Fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with a personal quote. Or just call us on 0161 969 6040.