Criminal Record? Insurance for Reformed Offenders


The majority of online insurance services specialise in "standard risk" quotations.  However, if you are a reformed offender with a criminal record looking for insurance for your home, car or business, quotes can be very difficult to obtain.

At SIS we specialise in providing tailor-made quotes for car, home and liability insurance for reformed offenders and for people with previous bankruptcy.  We can arrange cover no matter what your past. Once you have contacted us for a quote you’ll realise that your criminal record doesn’t necessarily sentence you to paying over the odds for your insurance.

At SIS we believe that there is no such word as uninsurable. 


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You are not alone

Over 7 million people in the UK have a criminal conviction which can extend from a littering fine, up to a drink driving charge.  Whatever the conviction, with a criminal record, insurance for your home, car or business can be almost impossible to obtain.

It is the duty of the policy holder to inform insurance companies of any criminal conviction or record that they hold. However, many reformed offenders are confused as to which offences should be disclosed, and when the crime has been “spent” and no longer has to be disclosed.  Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act of 1974, some criminal convictions become “spent” after a certain rehabilitation period.  This period of time is subject to the sentence given by the court.

If a reformed offender has a criminal record and unspent convictions, but fails to inform the insurance company, their insurance policy may be rendered void.  However, higher premiums of insurance for reformed offenders may discourage people with a criminal record from disclosing certain facts about their past.  Many ex-offenders do not realise they have to inform their insurance company as the question sometimes does not arise during application.  Surely the insurance companies should take part responsibility and ask the right questions when considering an application for insurance?

Here at SIS we take a different approach.  We understand that your past does not have to be a reflection on your future.  We are a friendly team of highly skilled insurance brokers, dedicated to finding specialist insurance for reformed offenders at competitive prices.  

If you have a criminal record, insurance for your home, car or business need not be impossible or ridiculously expensive.  Choose from the links below, call us on 0161 969 6040 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you with a quote:


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