The EFFRR (The Employers' Forum for Reducing Re-offending) is a group of companies, both local and national, who employ people with criminal convictions.

The EFFRR’s leadership team is led by this group of companies whose aim is the support ex-offenders whose past continues to act as a barrier to employment. Government ministers understand the importance of reducing re-offending through employment thanks to organisations such as EFFRR.

At SIS we are proud to be members of this prominent and fast growing group which boast members from MITIE, Timpsons, Greggs Bakers, G4S, Serco and many more including JobCentrePlus. 

It has been proven through official studies that employment reduces re-offending by around 30%. Re-offending cost the UK government £10billion per annum and is growing. Reformed offenders make excellent employees once given a second chance to prove themselves.

SIS are specialists in providing a wide range of insurance cover to ex-offenders with criminal convictions.  If you have been refused insurance, call SIS today on 0161 969 6040 or contact us using our online form. We can help.


The EFFRR in action

SIS have first hand experience of the process involved in recruiting, employing and insuring employees with a criminal record. They recently employed a young apprentice in possession of a criminal record.

The new employee is doing incredibly well and displays a positive approach and willingness to work hard. Since joining SIS through the Trafford Youth Offending Service, the rehabilitated youth offender thanks his new employer and the EFFRR, stating that many youth offenders would benefit greatly from being given such a valuable chance to start again.

In turn, SIS Insurance has gained a valuable and hard working new employee who is motivated not just financially, but by a life ambition and drive to change for the better. This fusion of real life experience and industry-leading service makes SIS Insurance the leading provider of insurance to EFFRR companies and beyond.