Issues when failing to disclose on Insurance

Failing to disclose details on insurance will always cause issue when insurance payouts are required, adding strength to the Insurers argument in favour of not paying out.

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What happens if I don't disclose past convictions or adverse financial history?

It is essential to disclose details such as previous driving convictions, a true employment status and job title but there can always be details hidden away and forgotten which may come up during an investigation and go against you in the outcome.

In the case of one Aviva customer, failure to disclose a CCJ for £604 bad debt almost 5 years ago meant that his claim for £500,000 fire damage to his hotel was thrown out under the provision of non-disclosure.

Edward Gibbs owner of the 15 room Mount Hotel, West Midlands suffered a blaze at his premises in which he personally reentered the hotel to save 2 guests.

After full cooperation with Insurance Investigators, Aviva failed to provide an outcome in reasonable time to the point that Mr Gibbs contacted his local MP for support - finally after 17 months his case was thrown out when it transpired that he had failed to disclose a vital piece of information on his Insurance Agreement.

Ironically Aviva have refused to disclose what the 'non-disclosed' item was, leading Mr Gibbs to investigate himself and he suspects that a CCJ dating back to 2007 when guests complained about a Christmas meal is the only possible reason.

This is an unfortunate outcome for Mr Gibbs but becomes a case-in-point on how Insurance Investigators will root out even the most minor details from your personal history in order to get out of insurance payouts.

When purchasing insurance, be confident that you are disclosing all vital information requested and give thought to any other matters that could have baring - this includes any modifications to your car (even after you purchase the insurance) any penalty notices received, correct job title, changes in job title or circumstances and even any additional mileage above and beyond your agreed limit.

Remember that after you sign your agreement you are required to inform your Insurance Provider of ANY changes to your circumstances or that of the vehicle - finding insurance can be very stressful but even after you find the right agreement, responsibility doesnt stop there until the policy expires. Always inform your provider of any potential issues.

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