Home Contents Insurance Explained

So what is home contents exactly?  What is covered and when can you claim?

The following article is taken from the Association of British Insurers Website and explains all!

What is home contents insurance?

Look around your home; the front room, kitchen, in the wardrobes and even behind the sofa.  How much do you think it would cost you to replace your things if you were burgled and rooms were vandalised, or there was a fire, or a flood?  Could you afford to replace everything?  Or might you need to borrow money to buy new things?  

The building itself is insured by your landlord.  But if something unfortunate happens, your personal belongings, including your television, computer, DVD collection, clothes won’t be covered by your landlord’s insurance.  

Insurance protects you against the risks of every day life.  If something goes wrong, your insurer will pay for the damage to be put right.  

Hopefully you will never need to make a claim, but if something does go wrong, insurance can save you thousands of pounds.

What does it cover?

A home contents insurance policy will cover almost everything you would take with you if you were to move:  

Electrical goods, e.g. televisions and computers.
Personal effects, e.g. DVD and CD collections.
It will also cover furnishings, such as carpets and curtains. 

What isn't covered?

Policies will normally limit the maximum amount of compensation your insurer will pay out on any one claim or against any one item.  So anything beyond the maximum amount your insurer says it will pay won’t be covered.

Your cover may also be affected or cancelled if you leave your home empty for a long period of time.

Damage to the building itself is also not covered; this needs to be covered separately by your landlord’s buildings insurance. 

What kind of events can you be insured against?

Most policies will cover loss or damage while in your home by:  

Theft or attempted theft
Fire, explosion, lightning, or earthquake
Escape of water from tanks or pipes
Storm and flood.

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