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For those with criminal convictions, bankruptcy & IVA, policies previously voided or cancelled and refused cover, unoccupied properties and those with a history of flooding and subsidence.

At SIS our philosophy is that your past is not necessarily a guide to your future. If you have a criminal record, unspent criminal convictions, previous bankruptcy or IVA and have been refused home insurance, we can arrange cover no matter what your past. Call us today on 0161 969 6040, or use the buttons below to request a callback or fill out our form to get a quote:

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Or you can live today.

Over 7 million people in England and Wales have a criminal record, and bankruptcy is a common feature in Britain today, but many insurers still refuse to provide cover for those with criminal convictions and those with a previous bankruptcy or IVA.

Here at SIS, we believe no-one should be denied insurance, no matter your past. We can help with all aspects of your home insurance needs, and will help to enure the buildings sum insured reflects the full cost of reinstatement, including fees for lawyers, architects and surveyors.

We act as coverholders with underwriting authority to set rates and apply terms to meet with your demands and needs.

Our home insurance binding authority agreement

We have now launched our very own Lloyds Binding Authority Agreement to act as cover holders on a household insurance scheme for ex-offenders. This facility allows SIS to set rates and issue policy documentation. It helps to speed up our underwriting, which enables us to respond quicker to our ever-increasing volume of enquiries we receive from customers who have been refused home insurance cover due to unspent criminal convictions and are looking to secure cover their home and belongings.

At SIS we believe that there is no such word as uninsurable and we provide range of specialist insurance products including Public Liability Insurance & Car Insurance.