For ex-offenders: Access to financial services

The Co Operative bank along with The River Valley Credit Union in Salford are helping ex-offenders and people with unspent criminal convictions access essential financial services such as opening a current bank account.

Credit Unions can play a vital role in this as anyone can become a member.

The “discharge grant” is an amount of money that will help cover an individual’s living expenses during your first week out of prison. It is advisable to apply for a discharge grant at least four weeks before your exit. At River Valley Credit Union (and probably at most other Credit Unions) the discharge grant can be cashed immediately on release.

If society excludes ex-offenders

Exclusion of ex-offenders from employment and stable accommodation are seen as the main contributors to re-offending, which costs the UK tax payer around £10 billion per annum.

For rehabilitation to be effective society must make the reforms necessary to help ex-offenders access financial services – and ultimately back in to employment.

Juliet Lyon of the Prison Reform Trust recently said “far too often people leave prison only to face a second sentence of no insurance or banking, mountainous debt, loan sharks circling and a family to provide for”. At SIS we are able to arrange insurance for ex-offenders.

River Valley Credit Union can overcome the problems most high street banks seem to put up and offer a bank account as a credit union member.

The Co Operative bank (the bank of choice for most Credit Unions) have been working with 30 prisons and opening basic bank accounts for prisoners close to their release date.

Here at SIS we can obtain quotes for home, car and public liability insurance for ex-offenders and anyone with a criminal conviction or criminal record. If you have been refused insurance, contact us or make your selection below to obtain a quote:


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