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Sale Insurance Services Terms of Business

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Obtaining insurance and other financial services when you have a criminal conviction or criminal record to your name can be a daunting task.

Here at Sale Insurance Services we believe that no-one is uninsurable. We specialise in providing car, home and liability insurance for ex-offenders. Your past does not necessarily have to be a guide to your future.

If you have been refused insurance because of your criminal record, contact us today or make your selection below to obtain a quote:

If you have a criminal conviction it can be difficult to get a quote for motor insurance. We specialise in finding tailored insurance - let us help...

If you have a criminal record and you can't get home insurance because of your convictions, contact our team of experienced insurance brokers - let us help...

If you are an ex offender with a criminal conviction it can be hard to find liability insurance and move on with your life - let us help......