Obtaining insurance with a conviction for arson

Arson is a crime commonly defined by statute as the unlawful damage or destruction of property by means of fire or explosion.

In nearly all countries (except Great Britain) an arsonist is guilty of murder if someone dies as a result of his action, even if he did not intend to kill. Germany and some U.S. states also impose serious penalties for arson when it is committed to conceal or destroy evidence of another crime. Although fire caused by accident or ordinary carelessness is not arson, a person may be guilty of arson if he causes a fire in reckless disregard of the consequences of his actions.

Insurers view risks as moral hazards and/or physical hazards. Underwriting has to do with the selection of subjects for insurance in such a manner that general l company objectives are met. The main objective of underwriting is to see that the risk accepted by the insurer corresponds to that assumed in the rating structure. There is often a tendency toward adverse selection, which the underwriter must try to prevent. Adverse selection occurs when those most likely to suffer loss are covered in greater proportion than others. 

If you have criminal convictions, insurance can be difficult to obtain.  Here at SIS we believe that no-one is uninsurable.

We offer car, home and liability specialist insurance for ex-offenders and people with a criminal record.

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