Motoring Criminal Convictions: Car Insurance


Men vs Women


Nearly one-fifth of motorists on the roads today have at least one motoring criminal conviction, but which gender tops the conviction rankings?  

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Men have more motoring criminal convictions

But women are catching up and premiums match at younger ages. 
Male motorists are almost one-and-a-half times more likely to have a driving conviction than female motorists, according to findings from the AA's portfolio of over one million insurance customers.
Overall, 18% of motorists have at least one motoring criminal conviction to their name while 4% have two or more. This compares with 14% in a similar AA survey carried out a decade ago.
Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says: "The vast majority of convictions - 85% of them - are for speeding offences. Second most likely offence is for jumping traffic lights (9%) while a worrying 2% are drink-drive offences. Men are more than twice as likely to have a drink-drive conviction than women.
"The next two most common convictions are for driving without insurance (1.5%) and driving whilst using a hand-held mobile telephone (1.3%)."

Women are catching up

"It's also noticeable that the gap between men and women with motoring criminal convictions is closing. A decade ago, 11% of women had convictions; today it's 15%, a rise of 4%. And today 20% of men have a motoring conviction, a rise of 3%."
Men drive on average, 20% further than women, according to the latest Department for Transport statistics. However, this compares with a 40% difference in 2002 which accounts for the narrowing motoring criminal conviction gap," Douglas suggests. 
"In 2003, the point at which premiums for both sexes became similar was at about age 60, now it's between 45 and 50. 
“This is because more women are becoming car owners, they are driving more often and further and are thus more likely to be involved in accidents - as well as commit driving offences," Douglas says. said almost half of males claim to be perfect drivers (41%) compared to only 35% of women.
Almost twice as many male drivers admitted needing to stop eating and drinking, reading a map, and even changing clothes behind the wheel than their female counterparts (17% vs. 10%).
Almost twice as many men (6%) check out how good looking other drivers are compared to women (3%).
Douglas says: "Most people won't be surprised to find that younger drivers are most likely to have motoring convictions. Almost a quarter of men in the 25-34 age-bracket (23.4%) have at least one motoring conviction. Men aged 25-34 and 35-44 are equally likely to have two or more motoring convictions (6.3%).

"But for women, those aged 35-44 are more likely to have picked up a motoring offence with 18% overall having done so, 4% with two or more to their name."

Most law-abiding in Northern Ireland

The UK's most law-abiding motorists are in Northern Ireland with just 9% of men and 6% of women with motoring criminal convictions. Those in the Midlands are towards the top of the motoring conviction league table - with 31.5% of men and 16.6% of women having been caught on the wrong side of motoring law. 

Scotland is statistically the worst in regards to young drivers receiving motoring criminal convictions.  An astonishing 50% of male drivers between the ages of 17-21 in Milngravie in East Dunbartonshire have a speeding conviction.  Other areas showing high numbers of motoring convictions include Crieff in Perthshire and Bishopton near Paisley.
This research also confirms that for people with criminal convictions, car insurance premiums will be higher than if the same driver had a clean record. The average driver would be paying around £546, however the same driver with 9 points on his licence would be looking in the region of £858.
Stereotypically women are nowhere near the top of any of the motoring criminal conviction tables which justifies why young males are paying enlarged premiums.

Motoring criminal convictions count

But whatever your age or sex, insurers take notice of driving offences, especially multiple offenders and this is reflected in car insurance premiums.  Car insurance can be expensive at the best of times, but for those with motoring criminal convictions, car insurance premiums can be almost doubled.
That's because regular offenders are much more likely to make an insurance claim than those who have a clean license.
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You can also view a list of UK driving conviction codes here.