We would like to reassure customers that we're working hard to continue to provide services during this challenging time. Although we are making changes to the way we work, with all of our staff working from home, we are still available to take your calls and transfer you to your required department and of course respond to your emails. Our transition from office to home working has been seamless and guarantee you the same high level of service.


Personal Accident Insurance

SIS now offer personal accident and illness insurance cover.

Accidents and illnesses can have far-reaching consequences and may have a serious impact on your financial status. What would happen to your business if you or an important member of staff were to become seriously injured or ill and were unable to work?

Our personal accident insurance policy will protect you, your employees, your partner, or your whole family should an accident (or illness) result in hospitalisation, disability or even death. If you are concerned how you would cope should you become unable to work, our personal accident insurance will give you the peace of mind that you, your family and your business need.

Personal Accident Insurance Personal Accident Insurance

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