Refused Car Insurance?

If you have been refused car insurance because of unspent criminal convictions, bankruptcy/IVAs, or if your previous policy was cancelled or made void because of payment problems, non-disclosure or fraud, call SIS today on 0161 969 6040.

We believe your past should not necessarily be a guide to your future. Our experienced team of brokers specialise in providing competitively priced, tailor-made insurance policies for customers perceived as non-standard and/or high risk.

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Refused car insurance due to convictions or bankruptcy?

If you have previous motoring convictions, unspent criminal convictions or adverse financial histroy you may find that many insurance companies refuse to provide car insurance cover. It is very tempting for people in this position to refrain from telling insurance companies about past convictions and bans in order to obtain a quote. However, in the event of a claim, discovery of your non-disclosure will result in your policy being cancelled or made void.

When applying for an insurance quote the best course of action is to disclose all your motoring convictions, driving bans and unspent criminal convictions. This may lead you to being refused car insurance from many companies and will then need to approach a specialist insurance brokers (like us!) who have expertise in attaining non-standard insurance policies. “Non-standard” should not necessarily translate as “more expensive”. 

If you have been refused car insurance, SIS can help

SIS pride ourselves on how competitive our specialist insurance quotes are. Our team are extremely friendly and very experienced and will find you the best quote possible. 

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and are proud members of the EFFRR (The Employers Forum for Reducing Re-offending) and currently employ a young apprentice in possession of a criminal record through the Trafford Youth Offending Service. We also look to improve social benefit by committing some of our profits to both local and national community groups.

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