Refused Insurance

Bankruptcy & criminial convictions: Insurance for all

We all know that finding insurance cover can be quite hazardous even for Mr. or Mrs. Average. But if you have had insurance refused things can get really frustrating.

At SIS we’ll consider quoting for anyone, no matter what their background or insurance history – even if you have been refused insurance. We deal with a growing number of enquiries from clients whose criminal convictions or bankruptcies have resulted in them being refused insurance cover either by their existing company or when searching the market.

Please click on the buttons below to obtain a specialist insurance quote, give us a call on 0161 969 6040, or fill in our contact form – and we’ll call you at a time convenient to you.


Here at SIS we believe that if you have previous bankruptcies or criminal convictions, insurance for your car, home or business should not be so difficult to obtain.  We can provide tailor-made specialist insurance for your car, home or business regardless of your convictions or financial past.

Motoring Convictions: Insurance is possible!

A lot of the household name brokers & insurance websites with refuse insurance cover if you have certain motoring convictions, driving bans or points on licence – we will.

If you have a driving ban, license points or a certain type of motoring conviction, insurance brokers and websites will often refuse to give you a quote.

You may have been refused insurance cover due to a number of motoring convictions, or  you may be just back off a ban and your old broker won’t offer you terms. It is one of our specialist areas to find you cover at the right price not just if, but especially if you have points or convictions! Remember that we need all the necessary information to get you a quote, which means all motoring convictions in the last 5 years – so it may be best to check your licence first.

Criminal Convictions: Insurance is possible!

Over 7 million people in England and Wales alone have picked up some sort of criminal conviction in their life. But still, many direct insurers and brokers (large and small) still refuse to cover clients with criminal offences, and do not have even a basic understanding of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

We deal with many clients who have been refused insurance by their existing insurer once they have disclosed their criminal conviction. SIS is different.  As long as you are upfront and disclose all the information that is relevant, we will find the right insurer at the most competitive premium we can. 

Non Disclosures

The reason why most people are refused insurance is due to ‘non disclosures’. Usually this means you have had your last policy voided by your insurer. This happens for a whole variety of reasons – usually related to refused insurance claims. 

If you have failed to disclose a conviction, insurance companies may refuse to pay out on your insurance policy.

You needn’t think you are now uninsurable. When we quote you we’ll take all the normal details, get as much information as to why you have been voided by your last insurer and get you the best deal we can.