Ex-Bankrupts Shop Insurance Cover

Shop insurance for ex-bankrupt proprietors/owners/directors/tradesmen

Accessing the Shop insurance market can be very difficult when disclosing a previous bankruptcy.  Many insurers refuse outright to offer cover to ex bankrupty applicants.  Other providers simply raise the premium almost to the point where the cost becomes prohibitive.
At SIS Insurance our facilities for Ex Bankrupts are normally provided at no extra cost and no premium loading. Not only are our premiums offered at normal terms but we can also offer you premium finance subject to a 25% deposit. 

At Sale Insurance Services (SIS) we believe that your past is not necessarily a guide to your future and our Award Winning schemes will have you back trading immediately. You won’t have to wait the 7 to 10 years for your credit rating to improve, which is a condition most other companies impose, whilst it is important to fully complete the rehabilitation process and become discharged.

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