Social Enterprise Liability Insurance

“Social Enterprise” has become the hot topic in British and European employment over the last 5-10 years and with over 60,000 social enterprises launched in 2011 alone (and social enterprises accounting for over 50% of new business formed in 2011) it’s easy to see why.

Social enterprises are about helping people gain employment, insurance, credit and also ensure the best possible chance of rehabilitation. Social enterprises use business methods to tackle problems in society with twice as many reporting growth last year as conventional businesses.

Here at SIS we are long established insurance specialists with a history of working alongside social enterprises and helping them move forward by providing a variety of business insurance products such as public/employers liability and professional indemnity cover.

The last thing any new aspiring business needs is an unexpected financial set-back due to a simple human error. Business insurances give that extra piece of mind. Examples of commercial insurance would be public liability and professional indemnity, 2 similar sounding, yet very different covers.

Public liability insurance provides cover against trips and slips that cause damage or to property or injury to the public, this is often co-joined to employers liability insurance – a legal requirement for any business with paid employees.

Professional indemnity provides cover against incorrect advice that can cause financial loss & distress to the customer. In some trades such as solicitors & accountants this is also a legal requirement.

Our trained staff are able to offer the best advice as to the insurance you need to help get your social enterprise going and ensure it continues to flourish without any unexpected hiccups. For further information or to obtain a quotation please feel free to telephone us at 0161 969 6040.


*** UPDATE - June 6th 2012***

Attended the No Offence conference at GMP Sedgley 31st May and glad I did. We’ve specialised in ex offender insurance since forming in January 2004 employing 6 staff and now looking to take on our first ex offender – which was the reason for attending the conference.

I’ve been stumbling along for the last couple of months but now feel we’re in the right place in finding the right person with the help of The Big Life Group and a few other’s. I was delighted with the interest and help offered during the day.

Proving our philosophy through MI, year on year, that the ex-offender is less likely to claim, has a led to us receiving a greater flexibility in underwriting from our growing panel of insurers.

We’re now also able to offer help and arrange cover for any Social Enterprise & CIC looking for Professional Indemnity, Public & Employers Liability, particularly those focusing on reducing re offending.

Dave Child