Insurance for Ex-Offenders: Unfair Exclusion


The market is saturated with insurance deals for the young, old, male, female... but what about the one in five people who have a previous criminal conviction and are struggling to get insured because of their criminal record?  SIS can help.  

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You can't watch more than 5 minutes of TV without being bombarded with cheap insurance deals.

All the demographics are targeted, young old, male female...

But what about providing insurance for ex-offenders with previous criminal convictions, for ex-offenders who are trying to get their life back on track?  You may be finding that if you have a criminal record, insurance companies will shy away from giving you a quote for your car, home or business.

One in five of the working population has a previous criminal conviction and many of these will struggle to get insurance purely because of their criminal record.

Specialist insurance for ex-offenders: No-one is uninsurable

Whatever your past, our highly skilled and award-winning team will endeavour to obtain the best possible specialist insurance quote for your home, car or liability insurance needs.


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SIS specialise in providing tailored motor insurance for ex-offenders.  If you have a criminal record, insurance is possible - let us help...

If you have a criminal record, insurance for your home and contents may be difficult to obtain. Contact our team of experienced specialist insurance brokers - let us help...

Sale Insurance Services award-winning team can provide liability insurance for ex-offenders.  Don't let your past prevent you from moving on with your life - we can help...

Chris Stacey, members services coordinator for UNLOCK has recently defended insurers dedicated to providing specialist insurance for those with a criminal record and previous criminal convictions.  

Please see below for the news articles, taken from Insurance Times:

RBSI's Sullivan defends insurers on criminals

Chief executive says insurers are not treating convicted criminals unfairly.
RBS Insurance chief executive Chris Sullivan has defended the industry against accusations it unfairly excludes convicted criminals from insurance.  Sullivan told the ABI’s Tackling Crime Conference today there was no hidden agenda against convicted criminals, but it was a matter for underwriting discipline.  Sullivan said: “The fact is the industry has a clear clarification between convictions and claims. If insurers rate the risk too high, people get excluded.  “It is a similar situation for people who have cancer where the ability to get that granular is limited.”

Moments earlier, Chris Stacey, members services coordinator for UNLOCK, said insurers run a mile as soon as a customer mentions a previous conviction, without even taking into account the relevant details of the conviction.
He said: “There is at least one in five of the working population with a previous conviction, and there is absolutely no route to insurance for them".
“The approach of insurers at premium is ignorant.”