UAV Insurance

UAV Insurance (Drone Insurance) for the UK & Worldwide

Are you one of the growing numbers of UK citizens flying a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)?

There are currently more than 500 operators licenced by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). These drones or unmanned aircraft (UA) are being deployed by oil companies, border controls, farmers for crop spraying, film industry, police and militaries around the world. In fact, China are building 42,000 that will be "dog-fight" ready. A scary thought indeed!

UAV's are deployed for missions that are too dangerous, dirty or dull for manned aircraft:

  • Many were used in the recent disaster in Nepal.
  • Solar panel quadcopters have been deployed in rural areas for months at a time - providing essential internet access.
  • Google Amazon, Facebook and many others are applying for patents for all kinds of UAV uses including parcel delivery where "data-pull" with your smartphone will allow your parcel to be delivered to wherever you are - even at sea!

The possibilities seem to be endless particularly as drones have now been tested to land on surfaces up to 90 degrees - thereby providing the possibility of theses quadcopters landing on skyskrapers.

UAV Insurance (Drone Insurance) from SIS

At SIS we have developed UAV insurance cover for drones and UA's that have a variety of commercial use. We provide cover for damage to the third party property, together with damage to the UAV itself and its payload.

If you have a drone and require UAV insurance, call SIS today on 0161 969 6040, contact us online, or click on the form below, complete and send to us at 15-17 Washway Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7AD.

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