SIS Wins Underwriting Initiative of the Year Award

What the Judges said...

  • Sale Insurance Services provided an initiative that allows a sector of society to secure cover that they would previously not have been able to.
  • They have clearly put the work in with insurers in being able to convince them to take on risks that they would normally avoid as a matter of course.
  • In addition, Sale Insurance Services have rolled their underwriting initiative out to other brokers on a wholesale basis ensuring access to the wider market and, by extension, more people who have convictions.
  • Although their initiative is by no means altruistic, as there is a financial incentive, it is an area that is often ignored and this company should be applauded for targeting it.

What the Winners said...

SIS wins awareWe entered the CII awards largely because we had been told by a number of professional people, in and out of the insurance industry, that it would not only attract a lot of interest, but any success achieved would further highlight the plight of millions of ordinary people looking for a “second chance” to get on with their lives without further discrimination.

Winning the award has not only meant a great deal to us and our panel of insurers, but it has also meant a great deal to the charities and organisations who see this as confirmation that they are safe in the knowledge that they are referring their members to the right company for essential advice and access to market.

AwardThe knock on effect has been the sense of accomplishment by all our staff that has not only trained hard to understand a very complex area of insurance, but have grown to excel and enjoy dealing with this diverse and largely misunderstood market sector.

Since winning the award we have been contacted by several insurers who are looking to expand our underwriting flexibility