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Criminal Convictions

There are 11 million people in the UK with criminal convictions, so you’re not alone. It is imperative that you disclose any past issues we ask, for insurers have access to a lot of data and generally know what your previous history looks like anyway. They’re asking questions they already have the answers to, so don’t fall into the trap that many people do that will ultimately lead to your policy being cancelled for non-disclosure. We underwrite car & van products on behalf of A rated insurers as well as having competitive arrangements in place with major insurers such as Aviva, Ageas and the Lloyd’s Market. We only deal with A rated insurers.

Adverse Financial History

Despite a decade of the lowest interest rates we’ve seen, the UK has also experienced record highest debt. Bankruptcy, debt relief order, CCJ, IVAs, CVAs… we see it all and provide access to the market where most other insurers refuse to quote. Adverse Financial History affects all commercial home/property and motor policies.


We tend to find that most people who have non-disclosed pervious criminal convictions or adverse financial history will at some point have their policies void/cancelled/refused, which impacts all motor, home and commercial properties hereon in without any rehabilitation period. In other words, you are now disclosing the void/cancelled/refused history for the rest of your life. We do not feel that the UK insurance buying public are being treated fairly by the vast majority of insurance companies because they are not providing the necessary advice to policy holders when they are cancelling their policies. In our view, this is why insurers offer cheaper prices to go direct to them and cut out a broker such as ourselves who can advise and protect – as we do all our customers – from insurers who have only their interest in mind.

Breaking Down Walls Since 2004

Most of our customers have been refused cover by mainstream insurers for a variety of reasons. Cancelled, refused or voided, left to search the market for someone to take them on. Insurers are spending millions of pounds on data enrichment. Utility companies and big corporations sell your information to the insurers, who then set algorithms to use against you when assessing risks and loading premiums. With machine learning (AI) - this will only get worse. But we don’t think that your past is necessarily a guide to your future, and over the last 15 years we’ve been able to prove it. We have gained the trust of a selected market including composite companies like Ageas and Aviva, and awarded Coverholder status with the world’s oldest trusted and largest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, where we underwrite some of our own products.

We are regarded as ‘the expert’ inside and outside the insurance industry and we’re delighted that you have found us and hopefully we’ve been able to help you - and continue to do so.

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